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Learn to Curl Program


Eight Week Program – One lesson per week for 8 weeks

Starts: Mid Oct. (tentative)     Available Shifts are Thursday;   6:30 – 8:30 or 8:30 – 10:30


Items Required:

Warm layered clothing and gloves (loose stretchy pants, best not to wear jeans)

Clean curling or running shoes (no street shoes allowed on the ice surface)

Curling Brush (we will provide)

Slider (we will provide)

Most important of all:  Desire to have fun


Important: Do a 5 minute warm before going on ice (run on the spot and dynamic (moving) stretches.


Suggested Purchases:

Gripper 1 or 2: $10 -$13 each (sometime during the program)

Curling shoes $70 up (after the program if wishing to continue in our start up league)

Broom $70-$105 (after the program if wishing to continue in our start up league)



What you will learn?

The Important of Balance

Posture during the delivery

Basic Technique of the slide delivery

What is the line of delivery?

Proper grip and release of the stone & which turn to use.

Brushing techniques

Delivery analysis       

Basic Strategy, Understanding the game and scoring

Curling Etiquette


What do I do after completing the Program?

We hope you will continue curling on Monday and or Friday evenings. The Match committee will find you a team. You may also be invited to play in the club competition league.

The Learn to Curl fee of $50.00 will be applied against any membership purchase.  

You also have the option to pay $15.00 per game.

Membership fee is           plus $100.00 for one stock


Gordon Peatman contact info; 450 562 3916 email:














8 Week Learn to Curl Program

Week One:       Delivery Lesson

-          Proper Set up in the hack

-          Set –up stance, hip elevation, forward slide without a rock

-          Group slides from the boards

-          Slide from hack without a rock

-          Do Bicycle (handlebar) drill

-          Slide with 2 rocks drill

-          Show how & where to hold broom when sliding.

-          Concentrate on position of sliding foot under sternum and trailing foot position.


Week Two:      Timing

-          Review Week 1

-          Bicycle (handlebar) drill

-          Add pullback motion to initiate forward slide

-          Cadence - using both feet for hip elevation, rock back-foot back, Pause, rock forward, foot forward and position under middle of body.

-          Concentrate on delay of sliding foot when starting rock forward


Week Three:    Line of Delivery

-          Review balance practice slide with bicycle (handlebar) Drill

-          Review timing - hip up, rock back-foot back, pause, rock forward, foot forward.

-          Use string demonstration for line of delivery.

-          Slide to cup drill

-          Slide to pick up cup drill

-          How to line up perpendicular to target.

-          Initial rock placement.


Week Four:   Releases

-          Review balance

-          Review timing

-          Review line of delivery

-          Hand position on rock

-          Demonstrate 10 to 12 release and 2 to 12 release

-          Demonstrate hand position after release (release towards ice and target)


Week Five:   Brushing

-          Review full deliveries

-          Hand position on brush

-          Sweeping on both sides of the stone (open stance and closed stance)

-          Show proper footwork for both open and closed stance.

-          Sweep up and down the centre line drill

-          With 3 people-one person pushes rock up ice and the other 2 sweep (change positions)

-          Communication of weight to skip


Week Six and Seven:  Video Tape all participants

-          Group not being videotaped works on their deliveries with instructors offering improvements

-          Video analysis –inside on the tv

-          Work on needed areas after analysis


Week Eight:  Full Review

-          Discussion of curling etiquette,  show proper positioning of all players

-          Drill of delivery up and down centre line without a hack

-          Delivery with eyes closed

-         Review free guard zone and discussion on basic strategy.